Officials have seen Parvo cases jump in Winston

Officials have seen Parvo cases jump in Winston

WINSTON, Ore. -- The disease Parvo is hitting Oregon dogs hard this year, and officials say that they have seen an increase in the virus in the Winston area.

It is transmitted by contact with infected feces, and can cause a dog some serious harm. Pets who are infected with the disease become lethargic, and will eventually get diarrhea and begin vomiting.

If not treated, it could lead to death in some animals.

Amy Taggart, a certified veterinary technician at River Valley Veterinary Hospital, told KPIC News, "It's something that can be prevented, which is the upside of it. If your animal is the one who ends up getting it and you haven't taken the steps necessary to ward against it, it's kind of heart breaking."

If you're not sure if your dog is up to date on their Parvo vaccines, officials recommend keeping your dog in your own yard, or places that you know are Parvo-free.