ODFW says spring break fishing should be hot

ODFW says spring break fishing should be hot »Play Video

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Fish Biologist Fabian Carr of the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife office in Roseburg says they have planted thousands of legal rainbow trout, and there should be plenty of fish to catch wherever you go.

The ODFW is stocking the lakes and ponds around the county with 10-12 inch Rainbow Trout. "We've actually stocked all of our lakes and reservoirs here in the lower elevations about a week and a half ago," said Carr. "So, there are those opportunities out there, so as we get more into late summer, we'll actually have a lot more stockings coming up."

Carr says they not only stock the popular lakes and reservoirs, but there are several places that some people don't think of.

Some of the places Carr said to check out were Herbert's Pond, Galesville, Ben Irving, Cooper Creek and Plat I.

He also said Lake Marie, which is on the coast by the lighthouse, is also a good spot to check out.

They will also be planting Loon Lake with legal rainbow.

For the steelhead fishermen, Carr says the river conditions have been very good at times and many steelhead are being caught despite the rain.