Caution urged with pets and fireworks

Caution urged with pets and fireworks »Play Video

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- With the 4th of July comes big, beautiful and booming fireworks. While that's great for people, pets can be very frightened by the sounds.

Officials we spoke with said that it's best to keep your animals inside.

A dog can get very confused in a large crowd of people. Add to that the scare of fireworks and some dogs may try to run.

"If you're going to go out with friends, definitely think about potentially crating them in a crate if they're used to being crated," said Barry Downie, DVM. "Or, keep them in a dimly lit room that's quiet, away from all of the commotion outside."

If you know that your animal doesn't handle the celebrations well, Doctor Downie says that there are pills you can get from your veterinarian to keep them calm.

Generally, dogs and horses are affected the most, and Downie says that keeping them somewhere confined and as quiet as possible will help them to cope with fireworks.

If something does happen and your pet spooks and runs, be sure to check with your local animal shelter and veterinarian offices, as a lot of times they can be turned in there.