Trail cameras confirm new wolf activity in Oregon

Trail cameras confirm new wolf activity in Oregon
Gray-colored wolf from the Walla Walla pack. Image taken Aug. 11, 2011, by trail camera in Umatilla County. Photo courtesy of ODFW.

EUGENE, Ore. - A trail camera captured images of a wolf in an area where wolf activity was suspected but previously unconfirmed.

Biologists also captured an image of a yearling wolf tagged last year when it was a pup, as well as two wolves in a new pack that may have established a territory in northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington.

The wolf caught on camera Aug. 18 in the Mount Emily Unit of Umatilla County is confirmation of wolf activity there. Tracks in the area suggest at least one other wolf traveling with the one caught on camera. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife plans to monitor the area for further wolf activity.

Two wolves from the new Walla Walla pack were seen on trail camera footage taken Aug. 11, also in Umatilla County. The Walla Walla pack was first confirmed by track evidence in January 2011. The pack’s range is not yet clear and may partly be in Washington State, ODFW said.

Cameras also got a glimpse of a yearling wolf from the Wenaha pack on Aug. 5 in Wallowa County. The wolf has an ear tag, which ODFW put on last August when the wolf was just a pup. The ear tags help wildlife managers identify wolves.