Photos: Trail cam catches more than deer

Photos: Trail cam catches more than deer

NEAR ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Doug and Jennifer Singleton put out a trail cam on their property east of Roseburg to try to see some big bucks. When they saw the pics it captured, they were pretty surprised.

Jennifer tells KPIC News that they put out the motion sensor camera to try to see the deer coming through their property. They did get several great pictures of some good size bucks with what she says is a top of the line camera.

When the picture of the bear popped up, she says they were pretty shocked.

Last year, the Singletons lost a couple calves, but thought that they had their bear problem taken care of. Sunday evening, they realized there was at least one still there.

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Back on September 6, a little after 2:00 a.m., the camera caught a cougar pacing down the trail.

Jennifer says they are a little concerned since they are calving right now, and her kids say the pics are 'spooky.'