Duck fans find Cliff Harris hard to support

Duck fans find Cliff Harris hard to support

EUGENE, Ore. - Step into a sports bar, say the name "Cliff Harris," and let the camera roll.

No doubt about it, the All-American and his legal problems are the water cooler topic for Oregon Duck fans. 

"He made another poor choice, and he's going to pay for it," said Duck fan Jim Henslee.

Fans who talked to KVAL News or posted comments on or Facebook said the suspension for number 13 needs to be a long one.

Some even said that after a citation for speeding last summer and new traffic violations this week, it might be time for Harris to go.

"I hate to say it, but I do," said fan Rick Blecker. That assessment doesn't come easily for him. "I think he's the best defensive player we've got," he said.

That Harris would, as police allege, climb behind the wheel of a car without a valid license or insurance and drive without his seatbelt on after his well-publicized speeding incident on Interstate 5 baffles fans.

"Realistically these guys have a lot to lose," said fan Chris Wilson. "You know, they are shooting for a pro career. Why would you risk it?"

Of course, the citizens of the Beaver nation are more than happy to chime in.

"It's pretty obvious," said Oregon State fan Eric Tagle. "The guy's been given a second chance, and he didn't take advantage of it. So, something's got to happen."

"I just hope that he doesn't end up in Corvallis," said Beaver fan Ron Howard. "We don't need that."

While fans wait for Coach Chip Kelly's next move on Harris, Duck fan Matt Schmid said it's time to move on.

"I think there's a lot of guys behind him who are doing what they're supposed to do and practice hard," he said, "and they should get in there and have a chance."