Photos: Cheetah cubs pay a visit to KPIC studios

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- On Tuesday, the newest ambassadors from the Wildlife Safari stopped by the KPIC studios for a visit.

Mchumba and Khayam are about 6-months-old now, and are adapting to the spotlight well.

KPIC News paid a visit to the two adorable cubs back in June, when three more baby cheetahs were born at the wild animal drive and walk through park. Those cheetahs were being raised by their mother, and will be seen lounging around the drive-through portion of the park.

Mchumba and Khayam will be doing outreach programs and helping educate people about the cheetah population and conservation, which has been the goal of Wildlife Safari since it's inception.

With the newest litter back in June, the Wildlife Safari has produced 171 cheetah cubs over the past 40 years.

>>>See photos of the two when they were babies

Mchumba and Khayam didn't have to do much to entertain the staff here, except run around and play like they always do.

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