Info on the Roseburg Blast? There's an app for that

Info on the Roseburg Blast? There's an app for that

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Set to launch in August, people with smart phones will be able to download an app that will take you on a virtual tour of the Roseburg blast in the downtown area.

Officials have announced a new mobile app, that will take you on a virtual guided tour of the blast site and surrounding areas.

The app is set to launch on August 7, the anniversary of the blast that leveled downtown Roseburg.

Here is the release:

The story of the Roseburg Blast is an important chapter in Oregon history.  The events of August 7, 1959, literally shook the city to its very core and altered its landscape forever. 
Yet, surprisingly, the story of the massive explosion that claimed 14 lives and leveled 12 city blocks is not widely known to those outside the region. The Roseburg Area Chamber of Commerce and Roseburg Visitors and Convention Bureau hopes to change that beginning on the 53rd Anniversary of the Blast.
Tuesday, Aug. 7, the Roseburg Area Chamber and VCB will release its new “Roseburg Blast Self-Guided Walking Video Walking Tour,” which harnesses today’s mobile technology to tell this amazing story from Roseburg’s past complete with video, photographs and sound.
Any Roseburg visitor with a smart phone or mobile device will be able to experience the fury of The Blast from its epicenter and a series of other locations impacted.  Each stop will be linked with pertinent content, including interviews from those on the front lines who were lucky enough to survive the explosion’s wrath.  This 12-stop trek through history will provide a comprehensive look at the horrific tragedy that nearly destroyed Roseburg’s city center over 50 years ago.
The Roseburg Blast Self-Guided Walking Video Walking Tour is a web-based application designed to work with a variety of smart phones and mobile devices.  The free app can be downloaded from the Roseburg VCB website, and the chamber website.
Visitors will be able to take the self-guided tour at their convenience, day or night. The 12-stop tour begins at the Roseburg Area Chamber and Visitors Center, 410 SE Spruce Street in Roseburg, winding through the downtown area before returning to the visitors center.  It is about one mile in length and takes one and a half to two hours to complete.  The tour route follows city sidewalks and is on relatively level ground with only a slight incline in some areas, making it suitable for most people. 
The Roseburg Blast Self-Guided Walking Video Walking Tour is a collaboration between the Roseburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Roseburg VCB and 99 Productions, a video production company with offices in Eugene and Roseburg and creators of the OPB series “ExplOregon.”  Four years in the making, it is one of the most comprehensive accounts of the Roseburg Blast of 1959.
It includes never-before-seen footage, photos and interviews with emergency personnel, survivors and other eyewitnesses to the explosion and its devastating aftermath.