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Have you filed your taxes yet? There's no need to wait till the last minute volunteers with the AARP Tax Aid Program are trained and certified by the IRS and the Oregon Department of Revenue and better yet, anyone is eligible to receive their help free of charge.

District Coordinator, David Bartlett says they prepare both state and federal income taxes and they'll e-file them for free.

If you're low income and didn't earn enough to file, you may want to anyway.

"All those folks are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit which is money back even if you didn't pay. We're always trying to reach out to those because they don't get it and they're entitled to it. It can be several thousand dollars."

He says new this year is the Telephone Excise Tax Refund, if you've had long distance service through your home phone or a cell phone for the last 3-and a half years you could earn $30.00 to $60.00 depending on how many are in your family.

He says a lot of folks don't itemize their taxes, but Oregon has a low standard deduction it may benefit some people to itemize their State and not Federal.

"A lot of folks don't bother to itemize for the Federal because it doesn't help them but Oregon has a really low Standard Deduction for that so for a lot of folks we itemize for the State but not Federal. It's something a lot of folks don't think about. Particularly if you're age 62 or over you get a special medical allowance for the State so all your medical expenses count not just the high ones."

Tax-Aid doesn't prepare tax returns for farm, business, self-employed or rental property but Bartlett says for the majority they do all they need.

"We do regular wages, if you have interest, dividends, stock sales if there's not too many we do those, we do itemized deductions, if it's a simple self employment type thing we can do those. The involved ones we do not do."

Call 440-3502 to schedule an appointment, and remember to bring Photo ID, Social Security Cards for all dependents, and last year's tax returns if you have them.
If it applies also bring income statements like W2's, 1099's, IRA, Pension, Social Security or Rail Road Retirement and tax forms.
This program is available for free because of local partners like the Roseburg Valley Mall, Comspan, US Cellular and volunteers with RSVP.