After national award, 'mobsters' back at it

After national award, 'mobsters' back at it »Play Video

MYRTLE CREEK, Ore. -- Last month, KPIC News brought you Myrtle Creek's Cash Mob at Treasures of the Heart gift store.

Those cash mobbers have since won a national award, and they just celebrated by cash mobbing Ignoffo's Italian Bistro.

Organizer Paulette Jones spoke about how it feels to have won the 'Making Change' award through "It's pretty cool because cash mobs are all over the place, I mean, big cities," she said. "Seattle, Portland, and all over the place, and we got the first one. They followed us for two months and I didn't even know we were being watched."

The cash mob has three rules: Spend $10 in a local Myrtle Creek business, make 10 new friends and have fun.