Family back in charge of Roseburg fixture

Family back in charge of Roseburg fixture

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A familiar Roseburg sight to anyone passing through is getting an upgrade.

The Windmill Inn was part of a vision the Hanna family had more than a decade ago.

They leased the property out for 30 years, and now that the lease is up, the inn is back in the family.

The 7 Hanna children are now operating the property.

The Hanna sisters say their parents bought the land where the inn now stands back in the 60's.

They spoke to KPIC News about their parents' vision, and a vision of their own.

Judy Peterman says they wanted to update the entire facility. "When we first came in here, the lobby area for instance, looked kind of like going into grandma's house," she said. "We needed to upgrade that look."

The Hanna sisters say they hope to appeal to the younger crowd.

Improvements to the rooms at the inn have already been made, and they say some new things are coming soon, like flat screen TV's and new artwork.