City hopes new banners will draw traffic into town

City hopes new banners will draw traffic into town

WINSTON, Ore. -- The City of Winston has been home to the Wildlife Safari for the past 40 years. Now, city officials are hoping to cash in on that relationship.

Earlier this week, the Winston city council approved 21 new banners to go up around the city that feature animals from the Safari.

Every year, about 85,000 cars drive through the animal park.

Officials are hoping the banners will inspire park patrons to continue into Winston. David VanDermark, the Winston City Administrator, says just a portion of that traffic will benifit the city. "We figure if we can get 10 percent of those people, that means another 8,500 cars that come through town and have the opportunity to shop at our stores and our banks and our restaurants."

The banners are $200 a piece.

People can purchase them now through January, and the signs will be hung around the town starting in March.