Some crops enjoying the dry weather

Some crops enjoying the dry weather »Play Video

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- We're seeing one of the driest summers in Oregon on record, but while it's tough on some crops, others are prospering in the midst of the drought.

Don Kruse knows a thing or two about harvesting. A farmer since 1949, he knows when to expect the September rain. "Invariably, usually about the 10th of September, just as we were harvesting prunes, we'd get rain," he said.

But not this year. Here on October 8, we still haven't had a drop.

But Kruse says that he's not missing the moisture, as the lack of rain has made for a decent pumpkin and squash crop. "The benefit of the dry weather is, you don't have as much disease or much spoilage because of the wet weather," said Kruse.

While corn, carrots and turnips could use the rain, he says he has it covered with an irrigation system.

With that said, forecasters are calling for yet another rain free week.