Study: Groups like Think Local Umpqua make difference

Study: Groups like Think Local Umpqua make difference

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A recent study shows the impact certain organizations have on local economies.

The survey shows that independent businesses in communities with an active 'buy local' campaign saw revenues grow 8.6% percent in 2012.

That compares to 3.4% for businesses in places without such a push to shop from independent businesses.

Officials with Douglas County's group Think Local Umpqua say they believe the group helps to remind people of the positives of shopping local. "We have been in a recession, but I think the numbers are indicating that we are coming out of that," said Think Local Umpqua director Virginia Elandt. "Folks maybe have less of a disposable income, but when they do spend, they're spending with local businesses."

If you would like more information on Think Local Umpqua, you can visit their Web site.