'211' shows county residents mostly needing financial help

'211' shows county residents mostly needing financial help »Play Video

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- A state-wide service lends some insight into the needs of Douglas County residents.

The '211' program started in Douglas County last May. It's a service where you can call for questions on everything from rental assistance to counseling.

Since then, organizers say that it's starting to grow in popularity. About 150 people call every month.

Financial assistance tops the list on what people ask about most.

Rental assistance, food assistance and help paying bills were the most requested services.

Officials say that's fairly reflective of the county's needs. Mike Fieldman, UCAN's executive director and '211' board member, says it doesn't come as a surprise. "Well actually, what we're seeing at 211 is really what we've been seeing for years here," he said. "I'm not surprised to see these as the top needs for people."

If you're looking for help and you're not sure where to go, you can call 211 for more information.