The challenges of travelling with someone who has dementia

The challenges of travelling with someone who has dementia

You have a family member suffering from dementia and you want to take him or her on vacation with you. That's really nice. Just remember that this will be a real challenge for both of you.

"Whenever you're traveling with someone with dementia, they're going to someplace that's not familiar. It's going to be very confusing," said Kathy Stewart, a registered nurse and author of the book, Mom's Losing her Memory and I'm Losing My Mind! "So someone has to stay with that person all the time, and the best thing to do is to share that responsibility with the rest of the family."

If you're traveling by car, plan frequent rest stops to avoid bathroom accidents, have small and frequent meals, make sure your family member stays hydrated – especially when it's warm out – and remember to bring all the supplies you'll need.

Most importantly, ask yourself before you commit to this trip whether it’s really wise to take that person on vacation. Or will it simply make them nervous and anxious, and as a result, ruin your vacation? That may sound cruel, but the Alzheimer’s Association says it's something you really need to seriously consider.

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