Consumer confidence up, but what about Douglas County?

Consumer confidence up, but what about Douglas County?

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- With Wall Street on a roll and home prices on the rise, consumer confidence has reached a high the nation hasn't seen since before the recession.

Consumer confidence reached a 5-year high, and some businesses say they've noticed an increase in customers.

KPIC News talked with local business owners to find out if their customers are ready to spend again.

Jerel Skeith from Waldron's Bike Shop says they see an increase. "We've seen just a huge flux, so it's been exciting just to deal with a lot more people than I have in the past," he said.

But not every business owner said they've seen proof of a rise in consumer confidence.

Skeith thinks that may be because some people are not buying local, but the 'Buy Local' movement is something he thinks is on the rise. "I've seen a lot more people be alert to like, "hey, we want to keep this local and we want to do what's right locally." But I think we'll always have a little bit of competition with other entities out there," he said.

One thing all of the businesses KPIC News spoke with had in common: they urge people to shop local, so that all of the money that's spent with this new consumer confidence goes right back into Douglas County's economy.