Federal emergency unemployment payments to drop

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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Officials with the Oregon Employment Department are saying the the automatic sequester of federal funds is going to cut into your emergency unemployment benefits by over 10%.

The cuts are also going to affect job search services in Oregon. 

Individuals receiving Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation, or EUC, will see a reduction in their weekly benefits of 10.7%.

Officials say the reduction will begin the week of March 31, and will be reflected in checks mailed the week of April 7.

Currently there are more than 28,000 individuals receiving EUC benefits.

The Oregon Employment Department will notify each person by mail in early April regarding this reduction.

People getting the benefits should visit the Working In Oregon Web site, where you can use an online calculator to estimate their payment reduction.  

Those people who have questions not addressed by the website should call 503-947-1342 or 1-800-237-3710 extension 71342. 

Individuals receiving regular unemployment benefits will not be affected.

In addition, federal cuts to employment service state grants could result in the reduction of job search assistance and employer recruitment activities.