Scammers stoop to new low with latest email

Scammers stoop to new low with latest email
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The bad guys in cyberspace will do anything to trick you. Now they're sending out bogus email that's made to look like its from a funeral home.

The message offers condolences and invites you to click on the link to find out about the upcoming "celebration of life service."

Don't click on that link.

Nadine Samter with the Federal Trade Commission warns that if you do, malicious software will be downloaded onto your computer.

"The malicious software goes in and can either destroy files, freeze you computer or place tracking devices to track your online behavior," Samter said.

So what should you do if you get an email that looks like its from a funeral home about a friend or love-one's passing?

The FTC says call the funeral home or contact family members.

"Don't click on anything you're not absolutely sure where it's from," Samter told me. "Most of the information that people send you, you can independently verify -- and you should."

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