Stocking for Soldiers bring a taste of home

Stocking for Soldiers bring a taste of home

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Thousands of soldiers are deployed overseas during the holidays, and one group has made it their mission to make sure they're not forgotten.

Judi Ann Buhl from Stockings for Soldiers told KPIC News about the process they go through to get the gifts ready to ship overseas. "We get together like little elves, get the stockings, get all the stuff that we need to fill the stockings, then we get into assembly line and we make them through the whole month of October and November," said Buhl. "By December we've got just about all them made."

The Stockings for Soldiers program is in it's eighth year, and soldiers say getting the stockings while overseas is something they'll never forget.

Nick Marshall from the National Guard says, "The stockings are pretty neat because, you know, when you're overseas, you're away from home, you miss your family, you miss your community, and when you get a package from home that has just a taste of home, it's neat to be reminded of that home and get you a little bit more home sick, but it's in a positive way."

Umpqua Indian Foods organizes the program. They say they've had a great response to the jerky they use to help fill the stockings.

The program is being expanded into the Grants Pass area.

Stockings will be sold for $20 at the Grocery Outlets in Roseburg and Grants Pass.

They hope to provide even more stockings to Oregon soldiers.