800 exclusion letters sent in Douglas County

800 exclusion letters sent in Douglas County

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The health department says across Douglas County, 800 parents were notified that their kids need vaccines.

Officials say these parents got an "exclusion letter" in the mail if their kids have no immunization record or an incomplete one.

Dawnelle Marshall from the public health division, says although the immunizations are needed, some parents feel like their child is being picked on. "Exclusion can be a hard process for families, because they feel like the health department has kicked their kid out of school."

Marshall says the health division and schools try to remind parents their children need the immunizations.

She says kids can get the shots from a doctor, some pharmacists or at the health department.

If a child has a medical or religious reason to not have them done, parents can file for an exemption.

On February 20, exclusion day, kids who have not had their required immunizations or filed for an exemption, will not be allowed in school.