Cover Oregon: Where to go for help in Douglas County

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EXAMPLE: This is what one of the pages will look like on Cover Oregon's website starting Tuesday, Oct. 1.

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Tuesday marked the launch of the president's health care plan, and in Oregon that means 'Cover Oregon.'

Brenda Lewis from the Umpqua Community Health Center says it will have an impact on Douglas County. "17% of Douglas County is uninsured, so that's roughly 18,000 folks," she said.

Starting Tuesday, the Umpqua Community Health Center, South River Medical Clinic and UCAN will have staff available to help those in Douglas County navigate though Cover Oregon's online health exchange.

Mike fieldman\ucan executive director
"What we're doing is, helping people to understand the system, where they need to go and what the options and choices are for them," said Mike Fieldman, UCAN's Executive Director.

So called 'Obamacare' requires you to have health insurance by next year.

Kelsey Wood, a local insurance agent, says there are a lot of changes to take in. "From (Tuesday) until December 31st is a good window to shop around and get used to what's available," he said. "It's a whole new world of health insurance."