Fund set up to help Sutherlin baby

Fund set up to help Sutherlin baby

SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- A Sutherlin woman and her newborn baby were rushed to a Portland hospital when doctors realized the newborn had a rare heart defect.

When 20-year-old Danielle Fisher gave birth to Karter James, she said that everything seemed OK. Karter had all of his fingers and toes.

But, he also had a rare heart condition called Ebstein's anomaly. Basically, valves in his heart are switched.

Danielle said she was shocked when she realized that her tiny son would have to undergo a huge surgery. "I was stunned, I just could not believe it," Fisher said.

Karter will undergo surgery sometime in the next week, but that won't be the only one.

He'll need at another one in a few months, and one a few years from now.

Danielle says that she's not able to work while her son is in the hospital, and says she's worried about being able to pay the bills. "It's probably going to be really hard for us to pay the bills. Anything would help us."

If you want to help Danielle and her son, you can stop by any US Bank branch and make a donation to the Karter James Fund.