Kids get one-stop eye, dental and medical checks

Kids get one-stop eye, dental and medical checks »Play Video

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Kids who participate in Head Start got the chance to have a free check-up on Monday.

UCAN held a health fair for all 376 children in the program.

The kids got an eye exam, dental exam and got to see the doctor.

Officials also watched kids interact with one another to monitor their behavior. Maureen Short, the UCAN Child Services Director, says they use a unique approach to make the visits fun for kids. "All of those screenings that we do, we're doing through play. So, they really don't realize that they're having that done," she said.

So, while the kids got the chance to play, they also got all of the necessary check-ups done for the Head Start program.

UCAN has had a similar health fair in the past, but this is the first year with a physician on site.

The screenings took place all day Monday, and they'll resume again on Wednesday.