Local ER sees spike in flu cases

Local ER sees spike in flu cases »Play Video

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- We are right in the middle of influenza season, and officials with Mercy Medical Center has seen an influx of flu diagnosis over the last two weeks.

Health officials across the state have seen a spike in flu cases.

Mercy is also feeling the effects.

According to Dixie Williams, an RN with Mercy, it started a couple of weeks ago. "We have seen a spike," she said. "Our spike here locally in Roseburg began about two weeks ago, when we began noticing increased diagnosis of influenza coming through our E.R."

Mercy employees say this flu season is nothing compared to the 2009 H1-N1 outbreak. "The H1-N1 outbreak here a few years ago was devastating," Williams said. "But now, we have vaccination against that, that's our vaccine, it covers H1-N1."

Williams says there is a misconception about getting vaccinated. "The vaccine itself is a killed virus, so therefore it's unable to give you the flu."

She says some people will feel achy and have some pain after being vaccinated, but she says it's not worth skipping the shot. "I can tell you even if you are immunized, if you get any of those symptoms, they are much less than having a full blown case of influenza."

Williams says if you haven't gotten your flu vaccine yet, it's not too late.