Mercy officials not happy about national database

Mercy officials not happy about national database »Play Video

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Reports of incidents at hospitals across the nation are now available online, and Mercy Medical Center officials aren't happy about it.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have released reports of inspections done at hospitals after complaints were made.

The inspections that found a violation occurred have been published online into a database by the Association of Healthcare Journalists.

Officials with Mercy say the database isn't fair. "I think not being able to have some input into what's on the website is a little more difficult, because it looks bad on us, but we're not able to tell our side of the story," said Mercy COO deb Boswell.

Mercy's lone violation on the list stems from an incident where a nurse wrapped an emergency call light cord around the neck of a demented and combative patient.

A CNA reported the incident to a supervisor. According to the report, the hospital failed to take action to ensure the safety of the patient, or to contact police.

Boswell says they've since rectified this, and she's upset that the database doesn't reflect the work they've put in to keep patients safe. "The one that's on there for Mercy is almost 2 years old," Boswell said.

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Mercy has had more surveys done due to complaints, but says they were found to not be violations.

She says that information should be on there as well. "Since then, we've had 4 surveys that have been unsubstantiated, but you won't see those on the website. You'll only see the one that's been written up, and without the resolution."

According to the study, Mercy has had one confirmed violation in the past two years. "We took all of the immediate action," Boswell said. "We have policies and procedures that protect the patients safety; we implemented those immediately. We also educated all of our staff, we had mandatory education for all of our staff and volunteers. We feel like this is an isolated incident and we've taken care of it."

The highest number of violations were found in a hospital in Gold Beach.