Off-site flu shots cut as county transfers public health back to state

Off-site flu shots cut as county transfers public health back to state

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Douglas County Public Health will eliminate off-site administration of flu vaccine this flu season, the agency said.

This includes services provided at advertised dates in Drain, Glendale, Reedsport and Sutherlin and to homebound, foster homes, employers, homeless, assisted living, retirement homes and nursing homes. 

As an alternative, Douglas County Public Health encourages these persons to seek vaccine through a private provider, employer or pharmacy.

Flu doses ordered this year by Public Health will be at a minimum and serve walk-in clients, prenatal clients, and travel vaccine clients at Roseburg, Canyonville, Drain and Reedsport immunization clinics until supplies run out or through September 30. 

According to the agency, on June 11, the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners approved a resolution to:

  • Decline to fulfill the functions of a local public health authority and return responsibility for all local public health authority programs to the State of Oregon.
  • No longer be a provider of basic or local public health services.
  • Transfer the local public health authority to the Oregon Health Authority and to terminate the intergovernmental agreements with the Oregon Health Authority for financing local public health services.

The return of public health authority to the State is effective September 30, 2014.  
The State and Douglas County Public Health are working now on a plan for public health services within the county after September 30, but specifics are not known at this time, the agency said.