Little River Band hits the stage at the Douglas County Fair

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- After more than 35 years, the Little River Band is still rocking, and that's exactly what they did at the fairgrounds Wednesday night.

People shuffled in to hear all of the classic hits such as Lady, Cool Change and Lonesome Loser.

Band members say it's the content of their music that has helped them stay relevant for decades. Lead vocalist Wayne Nelson told KPIC News, "The songs were never based on a fad they weren't based on a sound or a haircut or a phrase, the songs are personal, and no matter what changes around us, people are still basically in relationships and life is still the same, so the songs still relate."

Wayne says it's also the band commitment to every show that keeps people coming out to enjoy.

The band played for over an hour as fans enjoyed the music and sang along to their favorite tunes.

There were even a lot of younger people in the audience, and the band says the Internet has played a huge roll in getting a new generation interested in their songs.

Keyboardist Chris Marion said, "The digital domain, with stuff on the Internet is definitely solid, I mean we have a good presence on i-tunes, and various avenues of getting that kind of media, so it plays a big part."

Little River Band wrapped up a successful second day at the fair.