Roseburg School District in budget trouble

Roseburg School District in budget trouble

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- As with pretty much everything else in this economy, the Roseburg School District is having a hard time making ends meet.

For the 2009-2010 school year, the district had to cut $4 million from its budget, but were told that $1.5 million would eventually be coming back.

In May, the district found out that not only would that money not be coming back to Roseburg, but it had to somehow cut another million dollars from the budget.

Now, they are being asked to somehow get rid of more money.

In a meeting Wednesday night, the Roseburg School Board approved their plan to cut another $600,000 from the budget. Larry Parsons, the school superintendent, said that they are doing their best to protect jobs and to keep class sizes down, but says that it doesn't look good for Roseburg schools.

Currently, 81% of the budget is going directly to staff, while the other 19% is mostly going towards necessities like electric bills.

Parsons says that he's really not sure the district can survive another round of budget cuts without losing a lot of staff.

The $600,000 is coming from areas like maintenance, utilities and learning departments.