Interim college president enjoying post-retirement in Roseburg

Interim college president enjoying post-retirement in Roseburg

WINCHESTER, Ore. -- Umpqua Community College President Blain Nisson has retired, and while the board searches for a new permanent president, Dr. Rita Cavin has stepped in as interim president.

Cavin started on November 1, and says that she's still learning the ins and outs of UCC.

Before coming to Douglas County, Cavin was the president of Linn-Benton Community College in Albany.

She retired in December of last year, and was just enjoying retired life until the opportunity at UCC arose.

Cavin says that her time at UCC will be short, but she's going to do what she can to make sure it continues to be successful. "I'll also be going up to Salem to advocate for the college, and all community colleges, in the next session. Money's going to be pretty tight, but we do something for the state that nobody else does, and that's develop the work force," said Cavin.

Her main objective for her interim presidency is to help make it a smooth transition between Nisson and whoever will permanently fill the position. "I'm really here to help the board and the college with the transition period, to bridge between one president and the other, because it's a very busy college and you can't just have no president for five months."

Cavin has worked in higher education since 1973, and even though she was enjoying retired life, she's excited to get back into it. "It's a real honor to be here, to be selected to do this. As a retiree, I wasn't thinking about coming to work in Roseburg and Umpqua Community College, but now that I'm here, I'm really enjoying it."

Cavin will be at UCC until about the end of March.