BCS Bound: Packing the Duck truck

BCS Bound: Packing the Duck truck

EUGENE, Ore. - Pat Conrad packed his bags for Arizona last week.

Two semi truckloads later ...

How does he know he has everything? >>> Photo Gallery

"When the truck's loaded, you go into the equipment room and you look around," Conrad said. "If there's anything left, it's not done."

As the lead equipment manager for the University of Oregon football team, Conrad and his crew packed up everything the Ducks will need when they take the field Monday in Glendale, Ariz., to play for the BCS Championship.

"It's not just that," Corad said, "but it's everything we have to practice with. That other semi being loaded up with the dummies and sleds and so on and so forth."

And this year, because the game will be played at the start of winter term, Conrad's crew is packing something extra.

"We are bringing all the school books down," he said, "because they're going to have study halls down there so we'll be loading all of their class books."

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