Several arrested for multiple car and RV battery thefts

Several arrested for multiple car and RV battery thefts »Play Video

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Police are asking anyone who may have had a car or RV battery stolen in the last few days and haven't reported it yet, to call the Sheriff's office, after five people were arrested for multiple thefts.

The Sheriff's department says that over the past several days, Sheriff's deputies, along with officers from Roseburg and Winston, have been investigating 16 theft reports of car and RV batteries. They say they were mostly removed by the terminal cables being cut.

On Monday at about noon, a Sheriff's deputy was on patrol near Kelly's Corner in the Green District of Roseburg, when he saw two men, later identified as Casey Scott Slater, 22, of Roseburg, and John Z. Jamison, 20, of Winston, moving batteries from one vehicle to another.

Both men were cited for theft by receiving in the first degree. Slater was also lodged in the Douglas County Jail for a probation violation.

Officers continued to look into the theft cases, and identified four other people they say were involved:

  • Tyson James Yoder, 23, of Roseburg
  • Preston Nicholas Torguson, 21, of Roseburg
  • Tyler Katarina Stone, 19, of Roseburg
  • Cherie Gay McNeil (Yoder's mother), 43, of Roseburg

All four were charged with first and second degree theft and booked into the jail.

Torguson was later released after the DA's office decided not to file charges against him.

Douglas County Sheriff's Department Deputy Dwes Hutson told KPIC News that the people were getting the batteries to sell to a recycler for the weight of the lead, and could get up to $15 for each battery.

Officers say they have recovered 29 batteries valued at about $2,900. The investigation is ongoing, and they say more property and arrests are possible.