Nursing students poke each other - on purpose

Nursing students poke each other - on purpose »Play Video
Students who are aspiring nurses and paramedics get some practice 'sticking' each other on Wednesday. The training prepares them for starting an IV, drawing blood and giving fluids.

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Students from the nursing and paramedics programs at UCC got the chance to test out some of their new skills on each other Wednesday.

Students took turns practicing IV starts on each other, which helps prepare them to give patients medications or fluids and draw blood.

Officials say that training simulations like this are imperative to the learning process.

"This is very important, because before they go out and poke somebody who's really sick, it's nice that they have some experience and confidence in their skills," said clinical instructor Todd Luther. "So, it's nice to poke on people and practice on people who are willing participants first."

Each student has done three or four sticks for the past few weeks.

Luther says that the nursing program is special because of the sim labs. Students get a lot of hands-on training, and that's not something that every nursing program offers.

Luther also adds that the program is special because it trains nursing students who generally tend to stay in the community.

The nursing students are now just about halfway through their two-year degree at UCC.