Police search for man presumed drowned in North Umpqua

Police search for man presumed drowned in North Umpqua »Play Video
Divers from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol and search and rescue search the North Umpqua River for the body of a man believed to have drowned.

IDLEYLD PARK, Ore. -- Authorities have been unable to find the body of Joshua Alexander, 27, who they believe drowned in the North Umpqua River Friday evening.

Saturday morning divers were searching the water near the Narrows Wayside off Highway 138 just outside of Glide.

Officials say Alexander, who was from Idleyld Park, was swimming with his family when he decided to float down river on an air mattress. Once it hit some rapids the mattress flipped over, sending Alexander into the water.

He was not wearing a life jacket.

Crews were unable to search the faster moving parts of the river and they were not expected to resume the search on Sunday.

Deputies at the scene told KPIC News that his body may be stuck in the rapids or could be further downstream.

A reported disturbance broke out after family members and friends became upset that the divers had to quit searching. Divers can only stay in the water for a certain period of time in cold water for safety reasons.

The currents were so bad that officials said the divers were getting thrown into rocks in the river.