Wine made from Elephant Grape Stomp released

Wine made from Elephant Grape Stomp released »Play Video
George the Elephant puts his signature on his signature wine.

WINSTON, Ore. -- Friday night was a big occasion for George the elephant, as the wine he helped make was finally released.

Almost 100 people were at the elephant barn at the Wildlife Safari to enjoy a show from the animals and try the new Riesling.

Last year, George stomped the grapes which were then processed and bottled by Reustle-Prayer Rock Vineyards.

The event was also used to bring in money for upgrades to the facility, which are needed to bring in new elephants that aren't trained like Alice and George.

"This fundraiser is going to allow us to begin that process to do those upgrades, and allow us to bring in a multitude of different types of elephants," said Wildlife Safari Executive Director Dan Van Slyke.

Park staffers said they enjoyed being a part of the entire wine making process and learning more about the industry.

The Reustles say teaming up with the Safari was an amazing experience as well. "I think one of the things that we learned more than everything, was appreciation for the preservation of elephants," said Gloria Reustle. "We had none before we got involved, and now we understand more."

A portion of all ticket and wine sales will go towards efforts to save elephants in the wild.

For an extra $100 donation, George even signed the bottles himself.