Christmas for Kids program buys presents for needy

Christmas for Kids program buys presents for needy »Play Video
Employees at Roseburg Forest Products have once again made Christmas a little more fun for hundreds of kids in Douglas County, with their annual Christmas for Kids.

Employees raised the money throughout the year, and Friday night volunteers came to the K-Mart store on Stewart Parkway to help spend the money.

They were allowed $65 for each child on their list, and K-Mart gave discounts and gift cards to help make the money go farther. About 250 volunteers showed up after the store closed to do some serious shopping.

Brandy Osborn, one of the organizers, says they're thrilled with the way it's gone. "The majority of the money comes from the employees of Roseburg Forest Products. We select the kids, we get all the names from the schools, UCAN Head Start, they give us their most neediest families, and we had to put a limit on it this year, give us 10 children per school, so we've hit all the areas as best we can."

The volunteers shopped for more than 500 kids this year. Osborn says they're always looking for more funds and more volunteers, so they welcome any help they can get.

The event was held at K-Mart this year, after Wal-mart decided not to give the discounts to the program anymore.

The presents were taken by semi to the Redeemer's Church in downtown Roseburg, where they were wrapped and made ready for delivery.

December 22nd, Santa and Mrs. Claus plan to deliver the presents to the kids.