'Crash' injures several in Kmart parking lot

'Crash' injures several in Kmart parking lot

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- It was a horrific two-car crash, with several injuries and blood everywhere. Luckily, it was only a drill.

EMT and nursing students participated in a simulated mass casualty Thursday in Roseburg.

The car accident was staged in the Kmart parking lot, and the paramedics-to-be worked with firefighters to treat victims on scene.

The injuries ranged from mild to severe, and one woman even went into 'labor' during the simulation.

The paramedics treated the patients, then brought them to the simulation lab across the street where nursing students took over.

Officials say that the drill was meant to give participants a taste of everything they can see during an accident. "Because it's hands on, it transfers more effectively," said Sandy Hendy, the Nursing Administrator for the program. "The students can actually get a grasp by holding on to what's the reality. The other thing that's interesting is your actors talk. They've been scripted, they're yelling and screaming, that's an impact on how you think."

All of the 'victims' were other nursing and paramedic students, and Hendy says that they actually had some medical procedures done, like getting their blood drawn and getting an I.V.

She says that a lot of students haven't had the chance to do every aspect of care, and this gives them the opportunity to test their skills in many different situations.

The students are graduating in just over a week, and the event was their last big test.