Mill fire in Dillard at Roseburg Forest Products

Mill fire in Dillard at Roseburg Forest Products

DILLARD, Ore. - A Saturday night fire at the Roseburg Forest Products complex in Dillard presented some major challenges to firefighters before they were able to get the blaze out in the sawdust silos.

The fire was reported just before 7:00 p.m. Saturday night.

Winston-Dillard Fire officials said a conveyor belt that goes through all the silos carrying sawdust caught fire, and it spread to the other bins, aided by 20 mile per hour winds.

Fire officials said it was a tough one to fight because of the tough access to the areas where the fires were burning, and was a serious threat to their crews that were trying to get to it.

Fire fighters said the  wind caused problems in fighting the fire, and they had to post lookouts at other locations in the mill, to make sure the fire didn't jump to other parts of the complex.

Fire officials said the cause appeared to be related to the conveyor belt, which was badly damaged in spots. The conveyor housing system was also damaged when firemen had to chop into it, to get hoses inside.

No one was injured in the fire.

Winston-Dillard Fire was aided by Douglas County Fire District #2, Tenmile and Lookingglass Volunteer Fire Departments. The Roseburg Fire Department sent its ladder truck to help as well.

It's not know how much damage was done by the fire, or if will cause any delays in production.
Roseburg Forest Products officials were not available.