'Sometimes it's necessary to put yourself between the saws'

'Sometimes it's necessary to put yourself between the saws'

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- A group of environmental activists have set up several roadblocks to stop a logging project in the Elliott State Forest near Loon Lake.

On Tuesday morning, the group Cascadia Forest Defenders climbed several large trees and set up multiple road blocks.

Protesters are making several demands, including a moratorium on all logging and road construction in the Elliot State Forest.

One of the members, who didn't want us to show his face, says they are doing what they have to. "When legal routes don't work, sometimes it's necessary to put yourself between the saws when this happens, these things that are happening out here are just unacceptable," he said.

Protesters say a bulldozer went through a road block Tuesday afternoon, nearly knocking two people from the trees. Kevin Weeks with the Oregon Department of Forestry says that claim is false, and there is no evidence that anyone used heavy machinery.

In an email to KPIC News late Wednesday evening, a group spokesperson said that police have contacted them and said they would be removed Thursday at noon. Authorities have not confirmed that information.

Scott Timber Company purchased logging rights back in 2009, but the harvest isn't going to start for another two weeks.

The same group did a similar protest at a nearby logging site back in 2009, where 20 people were arrested.