Toys for Tots program hands out hundreds of toys

Toys for Tots program hands out hundreds of toys
People started lining up as early as 7:00 o'clock Friday night to be at the front of the line for Saturday's Toys for Tots giveaway at Hucrest Elementary School in west Roseburg.

Those at the front of the line had their pick of a wide range of toys all the way from bicycles to dolls. They spent some cold hours outside the school gymnasium, some waited as long as 12 hours, for the doors to open, just after 8:00 Saturday morning.

People were required to have identification and a social security number. They were allowed to pick out one toy for each child, plus a stuffed toy for each of them.

Toys for Tots is a U.S. Marine Corp program, but in Roseburg it's run by the Fire Department. They gathered toys all year long, and with the cash donations, they went out and bought more toys.

Ryan Travis, the organizer for the Roseburg Fire Department says even in tougher economic times, the community stepped up and was generous with toys and cash this year. He says they expected to give away more than a thousand toys before the day was over.

Travis says they have already begun planning for next year, in trying to negotiate some discount deals with some local stores.