'It's been a honeymoon': Couple celebrates 78th anniversary

'It's been a honeymoon': Couple celebrates 78th anniversary »Play Video
Erma and Erman Johnston

ALBANY, Ore. - Looking back at old wedding photos, Erman and Erma Johnston can't help but reminisce.

"He was a cutie," said Erma.

"I happened to have some hair," said Erman.

They met when they were just teenagers. Erma said it was his looks that first caught her eye. "He had black curly hair and a snazzy car," she said.

It will be 78 years on Tuesday since the Johnston's first said "I do."

"I was a poor country boy," said Erman. "I was surprised that she even looked at me. But I finally won out."

They got married on Aug. 23, 1933. Hitler gripping control in Europe and FDR was president.

"We were married during the depression," said Erma. "My folks couldn't afford a lot of flowers so we had fern and it was beautiful."

She was just 18, he was almost 22.
Three sons, nine grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren and three great-great grandchildren later, and you would never guess she is 96 and he is almost 100 years old.

"We're more in love with each other now than when we first met," said Erma.

And their secret to keeping that love alive?

"I get a kiss every night and every morning," said Erma.

"I don't want her to run off with some of these young bucks," replied Erman.

The Johnston's said they aren't doing a big celebration for their 78th anniversary, just lunch with family.

On Sept. 3, family and friends will throw a big party for Erman's 100th birthday.