Hunters safety classes filling up fast

Hunters safety classes filling up fast »Play Video

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Hunting season is just around the corner, and for kids, that means it's time to get signed up for hunter education classes.

Oregon law requires people under 18 to pass a hunter education class before they can hunt.

Classes go over the important aspects of safety, and officials say that they're vital to making sure students handle their firearms safely.

"(When) we started out, the course was primarily about firearm safety," said Hedge Jarvis, the Hunter Education Area Coordinator. "That was the real reason I got involved in the course. It's now expanded to where we go a little bit more than that, we go a little bit more in depth in the hunter responsibility issues, and what young hunters should be involved in beyond just hunting and firearm safety."

There is a way around the classes: children ages 9-13 can participate in the Mentored Youth Hunter program instead.

The free program allows kids to go out with an adult and use their tags, using only one weapon between them.

But, if you're looking for a professional to teach your child all there is to know about safe hunting, then classes are the way to go.

Many are already booked solid, but there are a few classes in Myrtle Creek that are still accepting students.

You can contact the ODFW for more information.

Also, everyone under 18 who's hunting must wear hunter orange. A hat, vest or jacket works, as long as it can be seen from 360° around the child.