Oregon man at Reno Air Show: 'All I saw was dead people'

Oregon man at Reno Air Show: 'All I saw was dead people' »Play Video

ALBANY, Ore. - Sitting at his parent's kitchen table in Albany, Trevor Schultz still can't get the images out of his mind.

"I saw people laying around alive, missing both their legs, screaming in pain."
He said it was like a scene out of a movie, surreal, almost like it was in slow motion.

"I was quite certain that this - this might be the last time I'm alive," said the 26-year old.

Schultz, a Lebanon resident, was at the Reno Air Show on Friday sitting in the grandstands with a group of friends.
They were enjoying the last race of the day, when it all went horribly wrong.

"I had seen him pull up, I thought, no big deal, the rest of the planes are gonna go by and he'll just kind of veer back towards the runway and land."

Schultz, a pilot himself, said the P-51 Mustang was making it's last turn of the race.

"All I saw at this point was the propeller pointing straight at us," he recalled. "I new he was gonna crash."

He and his friends were sitting directly underneath the plane. He said all around him, spectators were still watching the race, unaware of the plane free-falling from the sky.

That's when he and his friends took off running.

"I took probably half a dozen steps," he said. "By the time I hit the ground, it was probably a quarter of a second, he ended up hitting the ground about 30 feet beyond me."

He said he doesn't remember hearing a sound, or even the direct impact of the crash. But after a minute, he sat up, and made sure his friends were OK.

"I looked around and at that point, all I saw was dead people, injured people, body parts, you know arms and legs."

Fortunately, he and his friends survived, with not even a scratch on their bodies.
It's something he is still trying to come to grips with.

"I've just been thanking God that I - I survived," he said. "Not sure why, me and my friends did."