Blue busted out: Albany's death row doggie stolen

Blue busted out: Albany's death row doggie stolen

ALBANY, Ore. - He's become a famous face in the City of Albany for all the wrong reasons.

Blue the dog was sentenced to die last fall after he bit a toddler.  The bite required stiches - and under Albany's city code, that constitutes a death sentence.

But Blue's owner appealed.

Now the saga of this ill-fated dog has taken a new twist: someone stole him from the Albany Pet Hotel. That's where he had been in custody waiting for his case to be resolved.

"At this point the only thing missing from the business is the Blue Lacey named Blue," said Albany Police lieutenant Casey Dorland.

Police believe sometime between late Sunday night and early Monday morning, someone climbed the fence at the hotel, broke a window and took Blue from his kennel.

"To my knowledge this is the first time a dog's been stolen from that facility," said Dorland.

Staff at the hotel said they haven't seen anyone suspicious hanging around.

Nonetheless, police are taking the case seriously.
"In this situation, because the theft occurred inside of a business that was closed, we're talking about burglary," said Dorland. "So it is a felony investigation."

News of Blue's disappearance spread quickly through the city Monday.

"I'm afraid for him, I don't know who took him," said Ellen Hamill. "I hope that Blue is in good hands."

Signs have even popped up around Albany advocating for the dog. Like one that read, "Please don't murder Blue."
As for now, police said they don't have any leads, but they have one bit of advice for anyone that may come into contact with Blue.

"We would encourage them not to approach the animal," Dorland said.