Oregon woman turns 114: 'Her grandfather fought in the Civil War'

Oregon woman turns 114: 'Her grandfather fought in the Civil War' »Play Video

CRESWELL, Ore. - Delma Kollar has lived through three centuries and 20 different presidents.

"Her grandfather fought in the Civil War," Kollar's granddaughter Syd Bergeson said.

Kollar turned 114 on Monday, making her the oldest person in Oregon and one of the world's eldest residents. In fact, the Earth's population was 1.6 billion when she was born. Demographers estimate the world population at 7 billion today.

She has lost a bit of her spunk and energy in the last few years, but Bergeson wrote a book with her to help keep her memories alive.

"This is as close to her words as possible," Bergeson said. "I did very little editing. We started this when she was 95 and finished it on her 100th birthday."

The book is filled with stories from Kollar's life, when times were a bit different.

She rode to school on their horse with her little sister and their brother. Then they'd tell the horse to go home - and it would go home.

She became a teacher and married her college sweetheart, who died in 1966.

Singing has been a big part of Kollar's life.

"She and her sister Nina and another set of sisters formed a quartet in high school called the Lowman Brown Quartet," Bergeson said, "and they sang together for years and were friends for well over 80 years."

After 114 years, Kollar has six grandchildren, 11 great great grandchildren and one great great great grandchild.