Small town diner decor a daily tribute to veterans

Small town diner decor a daily tribute to veterans »Play Video

CRESWELL, Ore. - You won't confuse a certain Creswell cafe with a fancy 5-star restaurant.

But that swanky eatery doesn't have a veterans wall of honor, either, like Mom's Snak Shak.

What started as a small pictorial tribute to vets has taken on a life of its own.

Two years ago when KVAL News last visited the cafe on Oregon Avenue, about 140 pictures of veterans living and dead were posted.

Now the number has swelled to 260, and they're making room on the walls for more.

Owner Bob Dugre said every picture tells a story, and in lots of cases, it turns into a family reunion.

"We have some locals that lost track of certain servicemen and suddenly reacquaint themselves with the family, so it's pretty neat," he said.

A regular group of veterans comes to the Snak Shak six days a week for coffee and breakfast. 

"I think it's great that Bob honors the guys," Creswell area veteran Rick Higgins said. "He not only honors them with a picture but if you come in this restaurant in uniform, you get a free meal. That's pretty special."

Some of the stories of service are still being written: 16 of the wall's faces are currently deployed, many in Afghanistan or Iraq.