'I don't have $75 to loan to anybody': Gas station customer fed up

'I don't have $75 to loan to anybody': Gas station customer fed up »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - Cassandra Hensley said she was duped.

"See it says gas total and then grand total," she said, pointing to a gas receipt. "They both say the same."

She said she bought $15 worth of gas from this Fred Meyer off River Road last Friday.

"He just took my card and said OK, thank you, $15 and ran it, gave it back to me and gave me my receipt," Hensley said.

But a $15 charge is not the only thing that went on her debit card.

"When I called my card and listened to the last 10 transactions, it said $75 purchase by FM Gas Stations," she said.

Hensley said she's on a limited budget. Because of the hold, she couldn't buy her daughter's asthma medicine, she said.

"I had to go three days without that money when I needed it the most," she said. "The least they could have done was told me."

When she called Fred Meyer, they said that banks require a hold on all debit card purchases for gas.

"The banks require a hold when a debit card is being used, so our hold is $75," said Fred Meyer spokeswoman Melinda Merrill.

Merrill said Fred Meyer gas stations post the policy on all gas pumps.

The only problem: in Oregon, people aren't allowed to pump their own gas, so many wouldn't even see it.

Hensley didn't.

"A sticker this big in white and red, which is the hardest to read, on the gas pump which I'm not allowed to approach isn't how you inform your customers," said Hensley.she said.

Fred Meyer said it's something they're changing.

"We are working on communication, better communication with our employees at the tanks so that Oregon customers see that when they use the debit card there will be a $75 hold on their card," said Merrill.

The hold on Hensley's card was lifted on Monday.

She said she understands the policy - but won't be back anytime soon.

"I've never gotten gas at Fred Meyer before," she said. "This is the first and last time."