DO NOT DO THIS! Wakeboard ditch riding

DO NOT DO THIS! Wakeboard ditch riding
Bushman ...

LANE COUNTY, Ore. -- Kyle Bushman and his friends haven’t been snowboarding much thanks to a lack of snow in the Willamette Pass.

During Thursday’s floods they found a way to use boards - wake boards.

“The transition from stop to going, it's pretty sketchy,” said Bushman about the stunt he called “wakeboard ditch riding” on Friday.
“I was like, yea, it’s going to happen,” Bushman said.
On his way home from Lane County Community College on Thursday afternoon, with the rain pouring and the flood levels rising, he said the idea for “wake board ditch riding” just popped into his head.
“I was looking at the ditches, and it made a perfect alleyway to ride on, and I was like, oh, this is possible. This is going to happen,” said Bushman.
Bushman said the video he posted on Facebook has gone viral.
On his way to school Friday Bushman said, “I was going along, and I had the radio on, and they started talking about me. And I said, 'No way!' ”
But Bushman said he didn’t do it for the attention.
“Basically, we were just a bunch of kids trying to have fun in the rain. We weren’t thinking, oh my God, this is going to be a crazy video. We were just trying to have fun.”

But with asphalt on one side of the ditch, mailboxes on the other side and other hazards in the middle, Bushman admits the stunt was dangerous.
“My parent were like, where’s the helmet Kyle?” mimicked Bushman. “Come on, you know,” he added. “And I was like, I forgot, mom, and did that whole thing. But yea, I definitely should have been wearing a helmet.”
Bushman’s friend and the driver of the truck said dangerous or not, it was worth it.
“He tough,” said AJ Brooks, “and what’s the worst that could happen?”
“You live once,” he added. “Why not go all out?”
Bushman said he does not recommend anyone follow in his wake.
He said he is an experienced wakeboarder and made a “controlled risk.”