Roseburg Beacon changes ownership

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ROSEBURG -The Roseburg Beacon, a weekly newspaper, has its second owner after being launched only last September. Glennis Peterson started working for the Roseburg Beacon last September when businessman Erik Jonsson of Lake Oswego started the paper along with five other local newspapers.

Early in February, after some consolidation and consideration, Jonsson decided to close the Winston Reporter and sell the Roseburg Beacon.

Reporter Glennis Peterson decided to buy the new venture, and is now the publisher of the Roseburg Beacon. "Well, last week I got a call from Jean Ivey, the previous editor here, and on Erik's behalf, she offered me the publishership of this paper. And so it was kind of dropped in my lap, but it was an offer that was pretty attractive, and I think maybe it'll actually work well."

Peterson previously worked at the News-Review in Roseburg before being recruited to work for the Beacon. The offices are located at the corner of Main and Washington in downtown Roseburg. She is now the publisher.