DeFazio: 'People might not agree with me, but they know where I stand'

DeFazio: 'People might not agree with me, but they know where I stand' »Play Video
Rep. Peter DeFazio

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Peter DeFazio has been in the House of Representatives since 1987, the longest of Oregon's 5 representatives in Cognress.

Just like in the presidential campaign, the top issue for Congress is jobs.

"We're losing the trade wars," DeFazio said. "We're losing to china and other countries. I've never voted for a free trade agreement. I want to bring and keep those manufacturing jobs home."

DeFazio said that if re-elected, he wants action on what he believes is his best jobs bill of the past two years: a bi-partisan plan to open up more federal timberlands for logging.

"It's not without controversy; there are environmental groups who say we should never, ever harvest another tree on federal lands," DeFazio said. "I don't agree with them."

On the topic of Cal trains through Eugene en route to Coos Bay, DeFazio said that because of the World Trade Prganization agreement "you can't stop it, so what I'm trying to do is deal with the real concerns of the people of Eugene and other places that are potentially on the route of the trains, to deal with the coal dust."

Then there's the so-called fiscal cliff: deep federal budget cuts and tax hikes to hit us by the end of the year.

"I've been a balanced-budget Democrat since 1990," DeFazio said. "We need a balanced budget amendment to the constitution."

KVAL News asked DeFazio about his Republican opponent, Art Robinson.

"He is a right wing extremist," DeFazio said. "He's campaigned for 15 years to abolish all public education."

The latest federal elections report shows Robinson beating DeFazio in third quarter fundraising, but the Democrat has more cash on hand.

The congressman thinks his chances of re-election are good come Nov. 6.

"People might not agree with me, but they know where I stand and I don't try to hide where I stand."